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David Yallop

Monday, 6th Sep 2010

We live in curious times.

Towards the end of August the news media was full of stories based upon an official 
investigation into the 1972 IRA bombings in Claudy,Co Londonderry. The attacks resulted in nine deaths in the Northern Ireland village. No one has ever stood trial for these murders.The recently published conclusions established that at the very heart of the bombings was the Roman Catholic priest Father James Chesney. The report also established that a conspiracy involving the The Catholic Church, the Northern Ireland Police Force and the British Government ensured that Chesney was protected and moved over the border to Co Donegal. These various facts presented in the news media as stunning revelations are contained within my previous book The Power and The Glory first published more than three years ago in 2007. 

At much the same time as the "Revelations" above were being trumpeted, Daily Telegraph writer Damien  Thompson was sharing his anxieties regarding the imminent visit of Pope Benedict XVI to these shores. Much frequently appears to alarm Thompson on this occasion his concerns centered around "The plot to derail the papal visit with sex abuse headlines.....What makes the situation alarming as well as embarrassing is that sections of the media are preparing to mark the Pope's arrival with some sort of Catholic sex scandal. " 

During the Second World War Noel Coward with a delightful irony penned and sang "Don't let's be beastly to the Germans"  The irony went right over the heads  of some who succeeded in getting the song banned by the B.B.C .Thompson is far too limp wristed to be indulging in irony he seriously means it and talks of the "plot" as being "breathtakingly cynical"

The possibility that the victims of appalling clerical sexual abuse should wish to meet and talk to the Holy Father is for Thompson,like the abuse itself, beyond belief.

As of today he can sleep easy. The Vatican entourage are doing all they can to ensure that the Pope is not subjected to that particular "embarrassing" reality.

David Yallop.

September 6th 2010
Posted by David on Monday, 6th Sep 2010