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David Yallop

Wednesday, 29th Sep 2010

I have been here before. Part one..

"The Vatican bank is under investigation for money-laundering."
So ran the headlines in the newspapers, on the radio and on T.V.
It was very familiar as was the Vatican's protestations of innocence.
The current president of the Instituto per le Opere di Religione or the I.O.R.
to give the Bank its correct title strongly denied allegations of wrong doing.
President Ettore Gotti Tedeschi,  a "father of five,a devout Catholic and a member of
Opus Dei who teaches financial ethics at a Catholic universtiy in Milan" was outraged
"A procedural error has been used as an excuse to attack the Institute,its president and,more generally,the Vatican."

Oh yes,I have definitely been here before .

To be continued.   
Posted by David on Wednesday, 29th Sep 2010